It’s often said that to enjoy a good meal to it’s maximum, you have to be “in the mood.” Well, no one fancies a cocktail first thing in the morning do they? Or maybe you do. We won’t judge…
    Seven days a week, eighteen hours a day, our kitchen is alive and kicking with the spit of fires, the smoky aroma of white-hot coals and the shouts and chatter of Skewd chefs. The mood of our kitchen never changes; it’s one hundred miles an hour chaos, creativity and love for food each and every hour of the day. Apart from when the chefs who have been up since 5am selecting fresh meat, fish and vegetables from the market deliver our daily ingredients arrive through the kitchen doors; they normally enjoy a nice snooze in the office at that point before heading home, while the rest of the staff get to preparing blueberry cheesecakes and syrup-soaked baklava.

    But while the kitchen is a constant, non-stop blur of chopping, searing and seasoning , we like to switch things up in our dining area from time to time.  As much as our waiters love a rambunctious party atmosphere on our infamous Friday and Saturday evenings, some of our wonderful guests prefer a more child out atmosphere. Wild weekends might be a great time to experience the hustle and bustle of a truly Turkish restaurant but there nothing better than sitting back on a lazy summer afternoon  with a rich glass of red and a refreshing platter of mezze with light puff bread.

    And with a two course lunch at Skewd available for just £9.9, who could blame them? We’ll meet you out front with that glass of red, and a jug of flower water for the family…

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